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Matrimonial Practice

Ms. Schaffer's matrimonial law practice ranges from cases where parties are in relative agreement as to the terms of their divorce to those where conflict and emotions are highly charged. Her clients span the economic spectrum as well, from the one-percent to the
solid-middle class.

In all cases, she pays close attention to her client's goals and is skillful in achieving them within the boundaries of the facts and the law, through negotiation and litigation practice. Matrimonial cases involve many issues, most commonly: valuation and equitable distribution of marital assets, spousal support, child support, custody, parenting time, awards of attorney's fees, and orders of protection.

Not all divorces are over upon a judgement or a signed agreement. Many times there are unresolved issues such as property transfers, real estate sales, asset allocation, and problems with stipulation provisions, etc. Ms. Schaffer prides herself in practicing careful follow-up, making sure that all matters are thoroughly concluded to your satisfaction.

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