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Anna-Sophia L. v Paul H., 52 AD3d 313 [1st Dept 2008]-The First Dept. awarded our client attorney's fees in a Family Court filiation and child support proceeding, finding that: "To the extent that petitioner's attorneys were forced to litigate what would have been an easily resolved issue but for respondent's less than forthright position concerning his true financial state, respondent should reimburse petitioner for the fees incurred."

Flores v Flores, 22 AD3d 372 [1st Dept 2005]: The First Dept. awarded our client a share of her former spouse's Superior Officer Variable Supplement Fund, finding that "Defendant's SOVSF benefits constituted marital property in which plaintiff was entitled to share."

Turecki v Turecki, 211 AD2d 450 [1st Dept 1995]: Where our client had paid for his children's college education, as directed by his separation agreement, the First Dept. found that " the IAS court correctly held that plaintiff had not violated the Agreement and the New York Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (EPTL 7–4.1 et seq.) by directing the children to use their custodial accounts, which were funded by plaintiff, to pay their college expenses."


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